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Ultimate Camping Checklist

Here is our ultimate camping checklist so you can plan the best camping trip ever! Whether you’re a newbie to camping or a savvy old-timer, our list should help with making sure you have all you need.

For more information, check out our article on How To Plan for A Camping Trip.

Camping with Children

Baby Swing
Backpack carriers
Extra pair(s) of shoes
Favorite blanket or stuffed toy
Jogging strollers
Bug repellent
Swim Diapers

Cleaning & Personal Items

Biodegradable soap (for body, dishes and laundry)
Hand Sanitizer
Toilet Paper
Towel & washcloth
Whisk broom to clean table and tent site
Windbreaker / Shell
Poncho – Doubles as emergency tent/lean-to
Shirt – 2 or 3 (one light, one flannel)
Hiking shoes / trailer runners
Shoes for shower
Gloves / mittens


Can opener
Charcoal or wood & grill for BBQ
Coffee maker & filters
Cooking skewers (for hot dogs, s’mores, etc.)
Cutting Board
Firestarter sticks
Firewood (buy local – at campground or close by)
Frying Pan – Nonstick w/plastic spatula is nice
Newspapers for lighting a campfire
Pot lifter and/or pot holders
Pot or sauce pan – Big enough to cook noodles for all with lid
Collapsable camping/hiking cup
Dish Pan
Dish soap
Garbage disposal bags (stronger than regular trash bags)
Kitchen knife
Knife, Fork, Spoon, Spatula
Paper plates, cups, bowls, etc.
Paper towels & napkins
Plastic knives, forks, spoons
Scrub Pad
Small mixing bowl
Trash bags
Tupperware (for leftovers)
Ziploc Bags

Lighting – Check batteries!

Flashlight / headlamp
Matches (preferably water proof)
Solar Panel
Spare batteries and bulbs
Spare lantern fuel and mantles


Allergy Eye drops
Antibiotic cream
Antiseptic, Band-Aids and bandages
Sinus Tablets
Bug Repellent – Spray, Citronella Candle, etc.
First Aid Kit (may include all the above items)
Moist Towelettes (for cleaning wounds and early uses on poison ivy)
Pocket Tissues
Tweezers for splinters & ticks
Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Naproxin


Basic tools (screwdrivers, pliers, etc.)
Books, cards, games, toys, etc.
Clothesline and Clothespins
Compass and Map
Duct tape and/or electrical tape
Ear Plugs (to block out the noisy neighbors)
Extension cords
Eyeglass strap (to hold them on your head)
Fire starters
Fishing pole and gear (+ license & bait!)
Fly Swatters
Guitar/Harmonicas/Other musical instrument(s)
Milk crates (good for storage, step ladder and more)
MONEY, credit card, ID
Pads of paper and pencils/pens
Pet Food
Piece of carpeting (fake grass) for tent or RV entryway
Rope or String
Safety pins
Sand Paper
Sewing kit
Signal Mirror
Small shovel
Spare car/truck/boat/RV keys
Swiss Army Knife

Packing – Put food on the bottom (you’ll need other items first)

5 gallon bucket or similar container
Backpack, daypack, and/or fanny pack
Bags – Tent bag, grocery bags, etc.
Cardboard boxes if needed
Ice Chests
Large (18-30 gal) container for food storage
Really Important Stuff!
Campground reservation info.
Address/ GPS Coordinates to the actual campground.


Camp axe or hammer to pound tent stakes
Emergency blanket
Floor Mats (use at tent entrance)
Ground Cloth – Tarp for big tents
Mattress or pad – Inflator for air mattress
Overhead rain tarps (not just shade).
Seam Sealer
Shade Canopy
Sleeping bag


At least 1/2 gallon per person/day
Water bottle, to carry while hiking

3 Replies to “Ultimate Camping Checklist”

  1. Stephen McAdams says:

    Great list, tweezer is a smart idea.

  2. Great resource! I was looking for some info on camping today when I found your awesome. I also realized that I recently published a page about camping gear checklist: [https://blog.zgrills.com/best-camping-gear-checklist-for-2022-adventures/]
    It might make a nice addition under the used resources of your page. Anyway, thanks again for the great resource.

    Have a great day!

    Z Grills

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