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State Park COVID-19 Closures

Several of the state parks throughout the United States are closed or operating with limited availability and services. The following list includes states that are closed or have limited public access to their state parks. Other states (not listed) currently have many parks open for public use.


All 280 California State Parks have temporarily closed to vehicular traffic. In addition all campgrounds and high public-use indoor facilities (visitor centers, museums, cafes, etc.) have been closed until further notice. Some parks are completely closed to all visitors, but others still allow foot-traffic in open areas. You can visit the California Parks webpage for more info.


All 175 state parks in Florida will be closed to visitors until further notice.


Hawaii State parks are closed until further notice.


All Illinois state parks and wildlife areas are temporarily closed until further notice.

North Carolina

Crowders Mountain, Lake Waccamaw, Hanging Rock, Raven Rock, Fort Macon and Fort Fisher State Recreation Area are closed until further notice. Other parks are open to visitors, but with limited services and facility closures.  Check the North Carolina Parks website for more information and updates.

New Mexico

All New Mexico state parks will be closed through at least April 9.


All Oregon State Parks are closed until further notice.


Facilities at all state parks, including visitor centers, restrooms and campgrounds, will be closed until at least April 30, 2020. However, the public can access trails, lakes, roads and parking lots for passive recreation.

South Carolina

All South Carolina State Parks are closed through at least April 30.


All state park campgrounds are closed through April 30.

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