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Butano State Park Campground California

The park and campground are currently closed due to recent fires (August, 2020).

Butano State Park Overview

Butano State Park 002

Butano State Park Campground (Ben Reis campground) is located  in the middle of a beautiful redwood forest. The campground has 21 drive-in campsites for tents, trailers and RVs, and another 18 walk-in (tent) campsites.  The walk-in / tent only campsites (22-39) have a parking area and you’ll need to haul your gear about 20 to 50 yards to the campsites. Campsite #12 is the “hike/bike” campsite area. Lastly, there are 8 trail campsites for backpackers about 5.5 miles from the park entrance.

Each campsite has a table, foo storage locker, fire ring and grill. The campground has drinking water, flush toilets and a campfire center.   The trail/backpacker campsites have a pit toilet.  Check in time is 2pm and check out time is 12PM. Visitors without reservations can self-register for one night only into an unreserved campsite (if available).

Butano State Park – Area Recreation

Butano State Park is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains and includes 4,728  acres of canyons, meadows,  redwoods, oaks and even a wet riparian and  chaparral ecosystem. Wildlife abounds along the 40 miles of hiking trails where you can view the Pacific Ocean. Outdoor activities include camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, picnicking and wildlife viewing.

Don’t forget to swing by the visitor center located at the park entrance.  You’ll see exhibits about local flora, fauna and wildlife.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park is another option (about 40 miles away) if you want to camp in the Redwoods.

Make a Reservation for Butano State Park

  • BBQ Grills
  • Campfire Center
  • Campsite Tables
  • Drinking Water
  • Equestrian trail
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Grills
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms (Flush Toilets, Vault Toilets)
  • Backpacking
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Creek
  • Cultural Sites
  • Hiking
  • Historic Sites
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Stargazing
  • Visitor Center
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Viewing
1500 Cloverdale Road
Pescadero, California 94060
650 879-2040
Campground Map
Make a Reservation

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Best Campsites

6, 9, 25

Campsite Types
  • Primitive
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer

Year Round



# of Campsites:


Butano State Park Photos

Butano State Park 001
Butano State Park 002
Butano State Park 003
Butano State Park 004
Butano State Park 005
Butano State Park 006
Butano State Park 007
Butano State Park 008
Butano State Park 009
Butano State Park 010
Butano State Park 011
Butano State Park 013
Butano State Park 014
Butano State Park 015
Butano State Park 016
Butano State Park 017
Butano State Park 018
Butano State Park 019
Butano State Park 020
Butano State Park 021
Butano State Park 022
Butano State Park 023
Butano State Park 024
Butano State Park 025
Butano State Park 026
Butano State Park 027
Butano State Park 028
Butano State Park 029
Butano State Park 030
Butano State Park 031
Butano State Park 032
Butano State Park 033
Butano State Park 034
Butano State Park 035
Butano State Park 036
Butano State Park 037
Butano State Park 038
Butano State Park 039
Butano State Park Bathroom
Butano State Park Creek View
Butano State Park Picnic Area
Butano State Park Sign

Butano State Park Comments & Reviews

Visited Butano State Park Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Butano State Park?

19 Comments on “Butano State Park”

  1. Robt. Callahan says:

    6/18/17. Visited for first time. Hiked 6 bridges and Goat Hill trails. Beautiful and most importantly…..QUIET! Will be back. Have to love those banana slugs! Will rent a cabin next time we are there. Highly recommended.

  2. Bethany Karnopp says:

    Can anyone tell me if site reservations in 2018 are able to be changed at arrival, or is the reserved site number exactly what you get when you arrive? Also, I have a walk-up site, number 33,and was wondering how far it is from where we would be unloading our car. Is there a way to drive kind of close, unload, and then drive to park? Any advice is appreciated!

    • Hi Bethany,
      Judging from Butano State Park Campground Map – it’s about 300 feet (from parking area to campsite 33 – via the trail). And you can ask the Ranger at check in if there are sites available (not reserved) during the time you want to stay. If so, and the price is the same, they may switch you to another site. Just not sure if the Ranger is able to access the reservation system to indicate the new site (you changed to) is now taken.

  3. Is the bike/hike site first/first?

    • Hi Tammy,

      Yes – the bike/hike campsites are first-come first-serve at Butano State Park.

      • Annie Fox says:

        Hi! I was wondering how much trail is dog and stroller friendly. Near restrooms ? Thanks!

      • Hi Annie,
        Butano State Park allows leashed dogs in the campground and in paved/developed areas. Unfortunately they are not allowed on any of the trails. Not sure how stroller-friendly the trails are at Butano State Park. You may try calling the park and asking one of the rangers: 650-879-2040.

  4. I am planning a motorcycle camping trip and I was wondering where the first come first serve campsites mentioned above were? Are they campsites that I can park my bike on the side of the road and hike to?

    • Hi Chris,

      Butano State Park has 18 walk-in campsites and there is a parking area. You’ll need to haul your gear about 20 to 50 yards to the campsites. Campsite #12 is the “hike/bike” campsite area and it has a small parking area as well). Unfortunately we do not have a photo of campsite #12. Lastly, there are 8 trail campsites for backpackers about 5.5 miles from the park entrance.

      Hope you have a great trip!

  5. Bill Leach says:

    Is the correct pronunciation of this lovely park Byoo-TAH-noh, or BYOO-tuh-noh? The latter was told to us by a docent at the nearby lighthouse — was she pulling our leg?

    What is the origin of the name?

    • Hi Bill,
      According to the California State Park website – “the name Butano probably came from the Spanish name for a drinking cup made from a bull’s horn.” Were not sure what the proper pronunciation (in Spanish), but it is probably close to BOO TAN OH

  6. Couple questions. Can I bring my dog to the walk in campgrounds? (#31) I read you cannot bring them to the trail campground but I’m thinking this may be something different. Can I show up to check in late like 11pm? I’m driving from far away after work on a weeknight.

    • Hi Bailey,

      Pets / dogs (on a leash) are allowed in the Butano State Park campground (at your site and on camp roads), but not on the trails.
      Have a great trip!

  7. Are fires allowed in the fire rings?

    • Hi Amber,

      Yes, fires are allowed in the fire rings at Butano State Park (Ben Reis) campground at this time. Fire conditions may change and you can call the Park’s number to get updates: (650) 879-2040

  8. johnny h says:

    hi, i’m trying to reserve a site for the weekend of 11/22-11/24. all the sites are only showing truck/suv/van as the “allowed camping units”. are these sites not available in winter for tents?

    • Hi Johnny,
      For Butano State Park (Ben Reis) campground – we are showing availability (Nov 22-Nov 24) at several sites and these all allow tents (and other vehicles). For example – site 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21 and all the tent only/walk-in sites:; 22-39.
      You can also call ReserveCalifornia to confirm at: 800-444-7275

  9. LAURA KELLEY says:

    Is there a max trailer length for Butano State Park Camping?

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