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Dogwood Campground San Bernardino National Forest California

Dogwood Overview

Dogwood 018

Dogwood Campground has 94 campsites in a heavily wooded area not far from Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains. The campground gets its name from the beautiful Dogwood trees, whose spring blossoms and fall foliage present spectacular displays.

Campsites are mostly large and can accommodate tents, trailers and RVs. Pine and Oak Loops are best suited for RVs. There are 19 campsites with electric hookups and approximately 40 campsites best suited for trailers and RVs. The other 54 campsites are best for tent camping. Except for the double campsites (listed below), all sites have a 2 vehicle/8 person capacity.

Campsites with electric hookups are: 16-19, 21-24, 26-29, 31, 85-87, 89, and 91-93. ADA only campsites are 13, 29, 31 and 65. The double occupancy sites are 13 (4 vehicles/10 people), 16 (4 vehicles/10 people), 50 (4 vehicles/16 people), 59 (4 vehicles / 10 people), 65 (4 vehicles/10 people) and 66 (4 vehicles/16 people).

Each campsite also has a paved parking pad, table, food storage locker (bear box),  fire ring and grate. The parking pads average about 10×40 feet.  Most sites will not accommodate slide-outs. There are a few double sites and group camping is also available. Dogwood campground also has an amphitheater, drinking water, flush toilets, showers and an RV dump station. Overflow parking is available near the entrance. Firewood is available for a fee from the campground host.

Dogwood – Area Recreation

Outdoor recreation in the area includes hiking, mountain biking, picnicking and wildlife viewing. Boating and fishing are also available within 10 miles from the campground at Lake Gregory and Grassy Valley Lake. The Village of Lake Arrowhead is nearby and is also fun to visit.

Other campgrounds in the area include North Shore and Green Valley.

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  • Amphitheater
  • BBQ Grills
  • Campfire Center
  • Campground Host
  • Campsite Tables
  • Cell Service Fair
  • Drinking Water
  • Dump Station
  • Electrical Hookup
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Firewood Available
  • Food Storage Locker
  • Golden Age & Access Passports accepted
  • Grills
  • Group Camping
  • Overflow Parking
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms (Flush Toilets)
  • RV Hookups
  • Showers
  • Wood
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • Photography
  • Stargazing
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Viewing
26898 Rim of the World Highway
Rimforest, California 92378
Lat / Long:

34.23528, -117.20917

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Late April – Late October



Dogwood Photos

Dogwood 002
Dogwood 003
Dogwood 004
Dogwood 005
Dogwood 006
Dogwood 007
Dogwood 008
Dogwood 009
Dogwood 010
Dogwood 011
Dogwood 012
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Dogwood 023
Dogwood 024
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Dogwood 026
Dogwood 027
Dogwood 028
Dogwood 029
Dogwood 030
Dogwood 031
Dogwood 032
Dogwood 033
Dogwood 034
Dogwood 035
Dogwood 036
Dogwood 037
Dogwood 038
Dogwood 039
Dogwood 040
Dogwood 041
Dogwood 042
Dogwood 043
Dogwood 044
Dogwood 045
Dogwood 046
Dogwood 047
Dogwood 048
Dogwood 049
Dogwood 050
Dogwood 051
Dogwood 052
Dogwood 053
Dogwood 054
Dogwood 055
Dogwood 056
Dogwood 057
Dogwood 058
Dogwood 059
Dogwood 060
Dogwood 061
Dogwood 063
Dogwood 064
Dogwood 065
Dogwood 066
Dogwood 067
Dogwood 069
Dogwood 070
Dogwood 071
Dogwood 072
Dogwood 073
Dogwood 074
Dogwood 075
Dogwood 076
Dogwood 077
Dogwood 078
Dogwood 079
Dogwood 080
Dogwood 081
Dogwood 082
Dogwood 083
Dogwood 084
Dogwood 085
Dogwood 086
Dogwood 087
Dogwood 088
Dogwood 089
Dogwood 090
Dogwood 091
Dogwood 092
Dogwood 093
Dogwood 094
Dogwood Amphitheater
Dogwood Restroom
Dogwood Sign
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Dogwood Comments & Reviews

Visited Dogwood Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Dogwood?

134 Comments on “Dogwood”

  1. Brian Wales says:

    We stayed at dogwood 8/16/13 for 2 nights we stayed at sites 43 and 44. Overall a good expieriance. I would recommend 43over 44 but both are a great back up choice Iif your favorite site is taken. Pros: somewhat secluded sites (44 is comepletly secluded). Free hot showers a good overall expieriance. Cons: there was a wasp problem. Bathrooms and showers were a bit of a walk from our site. Site 44 has a short uphill trail to up to the site, its hard to see the trail on the picture here. A bit of work lugging your csmping gear up into the site but if seclusion is what you want. 44 is the site you want.

    • J. Anderson says:

      I have booked site 44 in May. Is it on an incline, please?

      • Hi J. Anderson,
        Unfortunately we don’t have an employee on site at Dogwood to confirm if campsite #44 has an incline or not. Here is a photo of the parking spur for #44 (taken 4-5 years ago). Hard to tell if there is an incline.
        Dogwood Campsite #44 Parking Spur

  2. K Lee Nowak says:

    We just got back from Dogwood today. It is in the mountains, so bring chapstick and moisturizer. There is a real yellow jacket problem, but if you plan ahead it’s ok. You’ll either have to eat meals inside (we ate in our RV) or you should plan to bring a netted shade structure. There are traps hanging in every campsite, but the little buggers don’t seem to care. They don’t bother you if there is no food out, so keep that in mind. The park itself was really nice. We were at site #68. There are no pictures of it anywhere online, so I took some. It’s a really nice site with no next-door neighbors. This site has the two little trails pass right by it. Our dogs were tethered but they were occasionally surprised by random folks walking on the trials. The bathrooms are clean, there is plenty of water available. Firewood is for sale, currently $7 a bundle. The town of Blue Jay is a few miles away in case you forget something, We will be going back again!

  3. Cesar J says:

    I’m trying to understand why these are all pictures of the roads and not the sites. How is that helpful?

    • Hi Cesar,
      We try to get a wide-angle photo that captures the parking spur and (when available) the table/fire ring area. Sometimes we can get either one or the other, but most time we get both. We’ve found that campers do like to see how big the parking spur is so they can get an idea if their rig fits.

    • I agree. In many cases the photos are just not helpful. Perhaps take more than one photo per site? Really how long could that take?

      • Hi Stephen,
        I agree with both of you that the Dogwood campsite photos are not the best. We will try and schedule a photographer to reshoot the campground.

  4. Hi Again: does anyone have any thoughts about “approved food containers” – the site does not list them and I would hate to drive up there and find out that what have is not approved?!

  5. I am looking for two campsites immediately next to each other for three families with young children. Any suggestions? I previously stayed on site #16 which I loved but it was not next to any other sites (which worked out great that time, but this time we have one more family going).

    • Hi CRO,

      Click on the ‘Campground Map’ on the Dogwood Campground page (this page). You’ll see that there are a number of sites that are closer together. Probably campsites 34-50 are the closest to one another. Sites 3-10 and 71-74 also look to have less space in between sites.

  6. I have a 28′ Toy Hauler and looking to camp at dogwood. Will there be any issues towing it in with width of 108″ and height of 12′ ? Enough room to get to and maneuver into spot #68 Singh?

    • Hi Steven,
      We don’t have a photo of site 68 at Dogwood, but will be reshooting the entire campground when the snow clears. On Rec.gov, site 68 lists the driveway as 35 feet long, with a 30 foot trailer or RV allowed. You’re height clearance will be fine, and so should width.

  7. We have stayed in site 68 before in a tent which we liked as it was a little more secluded from neighboring sites. You do get hikers nearby, but not through the site and the trail is a little downhill. We are looking to stay this time in a trailer and want a spot with hook ups that isn’t right next to other spots. I see spot 22 is listed as one of the best spots. Can you hear the school from this camp spot?

    • Hi Katie,

      That’s a good question about campsite #22 at Dogwood campground. I recently took new photos of the campground and on that day there were activities in the school’s sports fields that I could hear. So yes, you can hear students from the school in campsite 22. If students are on the field, you can hear them from sites 20 to about site 45.

  8. How would I go about reserving the amphitheater? What is the rate?

    • Hi Sara,

      Not sure if they rent the amphitheater. Your best bet to check (and on rate) is to call the campground at: either 909-336-6717 or another number to try: 909 382-2790

  9. I have a reservation to camp at site #18 in 2 weeks, looks great so far although when reserving the site it said the site is location on a “severe grade”. Is the site on a hill, or what does this actually indicate? Also, I don’t see hookups, is this just an odd photo? Thanks!

    • Hi Matt,
      Recreation.gov lists the following campsites as having electric hookups: 16-19, 21-24, 26-29, 31, 85-87, 89, and 91-93. So campsite #18 should have electric hookups. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the picture showing both the table/fire ring area and the parking pad. As a result, we’re not sure how severe the grade is of the parking spur.

  10. Beautiful well kept campsites. Restrooms are clean and kept up. Choose your site carefully because most are hilly and uneven. The wasp problem isnt unbearable but just pay attention because they want to eat your food. Maybe we were singled out but it seems like every day the camp hosts have some thing to say to us. First was they thought we had to much firewood for the week. And they felt that they needed to stop us at the main gate and explain camping rules to us for 15 minutes. I aslo got a sitation because half of the asphalt parking pad has eroded away and one of my tires was on the dirt. Then half way thru our trip the camp host had to remind me 3 seperate times to not leave any firewood behind.
    Thank you campground Nazi’s for the daily reminders on how to be a good camper !
    Other than that we had a wonderful time !

  11. My 11 year old daughter and I stayed at campsite 14 last week. The spot was flat enough for our giant 8 person tent, we did not see a single wasp and only spoke to the friendly camp host on our departure day when they reminded us to not leave any hot coals burning. Since I don’t want to burn the next campers or potentially start a forest fire, I appreciated the advice. We loved the easy access to drinking water, clean bathrooms and overall layout of this pleasant campground and will certainly return. Thank you Dogwood!

  12. I was wondering if all the campsites have food lockers to prevent animal from eat out food, trash etc.

  13. I haven’t gone yet but will soon so I was wondering if there would be food lockers so animals don’t get to out food.

  14. Is there water at all of the campsites?

  15. I am trying to reserve for 4 -electric regular sites for july 19-22 but i cant do it. Can you help me?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Your arrival date (July 19th) is not yet available for reservations at Dogwood campground. The campsites will be released for reservations 6 months prior to the date of your arrival. So on January 19 at 8am PST the reservation window will be open (for July 19 arrival). I’d recommend you be ready to make a reservation right at 8am (on recreation.gov). You can click on the ‘Make A Reservation’ link from the Dogwood campground page and be directed to Dogwood Campground on Recreation.gov.
      Also, you can try Campsite Assist if the campground is sold out for the dates you want to stay. Campsite Assist will send you a text and email when a campsite becomes available on your dates.

  16. Is site #13 reserved for handicap only?

    • Hi Alison,

      Dogwood campsite #13 is for handicap only. You’ll need the ADA license plate and/or current sticker to camp at that site. ADA only campsites at Dogwood are 13, 29, 31 and 65.

  17. K GREENE says:

    What size are the food storage locker (bear box) at Dogwood?

  18. We are booked 6/29/20- 7/3/20. Is swimming allowed in the lake or at Lake Gregory?

  19. Hi Is site #91 is a pretty good site? That’s the only site that’s available.

  20. I reserved site 18, is this the most updated photo. It also said that this site has a severe slope… So is that the driveway or the whole campsite? Is it possible to see more photos some how? And are children under three counted as a person?

    • Hi Lizzie,
      Dogwood campsite photos are current (photographed late in 2019). The ‘severe slope’ would be the driveway for campsite #18.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Okay perfect and are children under the age of 3, count as a person for the total amount of people in the reservation?

      • You can have up to 8 people and 2 vehicles. If the little ones (under age 3) take you over the ‘8’ limit, it’s generally fine. The final call comes from the camp host though.

  21. If we have 5 people and three tents should we get one or two sites for one night?

    • Hi Gracie,
      I guess it depends on the site. Most are large and can accommodate 2-3 tents. The single-family campsites have a maximum capacity of 2 vehicles and 8 people. The double occupancy sites are 13 (4 vehicles/10 people), 16 (4 vehicles/10 people), 50 (4 vehicles/16 people), 59 (4 vehicles / 10 people), 65 (4 vehicles/10 people) and 66 (4 vehicles/16 people).

    • Hi Gracie,
      I guess it depends on the site. Most of the Dogwood campsites are large and can accommodate 2-3 tents. The single-family campsites have a maximum capacity of 2 vehicles and 8 people. The double occupancy sites are 13 (4 vehicles/10 people), 16 (4 vehicles/10 people), 50 (4 vehicles/16 people), 59 (4 vehicles / 10 people), 65 (4 vehicles/10 people) and 66 (4 vehicles/16 people).

  22. Greetings! We have a reservation for this weekend. We just found out Lake Gregory is closed. Do you have any recommendations for recreation daytime activity similar to Lake Gregory?

    • Hi Denise,
      Sorry to hear that Lake Gregory is closed :-(. Your closest ‘lake’ options (where you can swim, fish, boat, kayak, etc.) is Silverwood Lake (13 miles / 45 minutes from Dogwood Campground), or Big Bear Lake (26 miles / 51 minutes from Dogwood). Unfortunately, Lake Arrowhead is only open to private residents.

  23. reserved site 91.
    Is only 30 amp electric outlet? does it has regular power outlet?
    I dont using RV, I just using Tent and trying to using electronic for watching move with Kids.

  24. I reserved site 91 with Electric hookup.
    Is only 30amp outlet available? Is any regular power outlet in the site 91 for Non-RV people?

  25. Hello, I see that you noted campsite 77 as one of the best. Could you please elaborate why? I booked it hoping that one of the reasons is that it is very private and you can’t see other neighbors…

    • Hello Yuri!
      Dogwood campsite #77 is one of our favorites because it is large, flat and has some nice privacy. There is some nice distance between the neighboring campsites and there is nobody behind you. You should really like it. Have fun!

  26. Are single family campsites without hookups allowed to have a pop-up camper trailer? If so, would campsite 39 or 41 be suitable? Would the trailer count as a vehicle? Thanks!

    • Hi Daphne,
      Yes – you can have a pop-up camper at sites without hookups. Dogwood campsite 39 has a parking pad of 10 feet wide and 28 feet long (up to 2 vehicles and 8 people allowed). Campsite 41 has a parking pad of about 10 feet wide and 25 feet long (up to 2 vehicles and 8 people per site). Given the sizes of the parking areas, I don’t think there is room for a vehicle, your trailer and another vehicle.
      Per campground regulations:
      In accordance with standard industry practices, the campground vendor will be assessing a $8 additional vehicle fee per night on the second vehicle in each single family campsite, and on the third and fourth vehicles in any double family campsite, provided these vehicles are not joined to the first vehicle by a hitch and towed onto the site.

  27. Hi, I was wondering if you know if site 24 has a very steep grade? And if it is fairly private? There is no photo available on the website. Thank you!

    • Hi Amber, Dogwood campsite #24 is a nice/private site. I think you’ll like it. Also, here’s a photo of the parking/pad area (pretty level):
      Dogwood Campsite #24 - Parking Pad

      • Thank you so much! I have two more questions… Which campsite should you say is better, #24 or #92? (we have a 20′ travel trailer by the way). And do you know if there is anywhere near this campground to fill the water tank? Thanks again! This is such a helpful website, so glad to have found it!

      • Hi Ambre,
        Thank you and I’m glad you like CampsitePhotos.com. I would lean more toward #92. It’s a nice large & level site. Campsite #24 has a level parking pad, but a little hill down to the fire pit/table area. Also, campsite #24 is located over next to the high-school (see photo – approximate location). I don’t think high-school is in session, but if so – you may have some noise when students are out on the field. Campsite #92 is in a better location within the campground. Lastly, not sure where the closest location may be to fill up your water tank. Sorry about that.
        Dogwood Campsite #24 Location

  28. Hi there Ranger! I am interested in site 49 but worried about potential noise from the larger 50 site that accommodates 4 cars/10 people. How close are they to each other? Many thanks, looking for a quieter more private site 1-2 cars. Also if its a 1 car site I know we pay extra and there is a parking area for overflow cars correct if the site cant accommodate the 2nd car? Also considering 44

    • Hi Jen,
      I’d check the Rec.gov site for the dates you want to camp and see if campsite #50 is taken when you’re there. It is across the road and there’s a good amount of space between sites so the noise factor may not come in to play.
      Our favorite Dogwood campsites (privacy, size, location in campground, etc.) include: 12, 22, 26, 40, 46, 48, 49, 50, 51, 68, 76, 77, 85, 90, 91

  29. Sorry for the accidental double post. deciding between 44, 48, 49 =) Perhaps the site is wrong but when you click on that site it does not show the icon for campfires allowed like the other sites, are they not permitted in 44?

  30. Hello,
    I am booking a site for myself and my parents. They have a larger 5th wheel that my father has a hard time maneuvering sometimes. What is the easiest site to back into with hook ups (with a fairly straight shot in)? Thanks

  31. Monica Aguilera says:

    My site is for 2 vehicles. How much for an additional vehicle?

  32. Suzanne Grizzelle says:

    Hi there – For a single site, we have fewer than 8 people but more than two cars….is there anywhere close by to park the extra car? Thank you!

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Dogwood Campground does not have any overflow parking at the campground or nearby. However, most campsites can accommodate up to 2 vehicles (extra charge for 2nd vehicle):
      Per campground regulations:
      In accordance with standard industry practices, the campground vendor will be assessing a $8 additional vehicle fee per night on the second vehicle in each single family campsite, and on the third and fourth vehicles in any double family campsite, provided these vehicles are not joined to the first vehicle by a hitch and towed onto the site.

  33. Wondering if you sell firewood at the campsite? Thanks!

  34. Looking at sites 12, 40, 46, 48, 49, 76, 77, 85, and 91. Going to be camping two nights at Dogwood and wanted to know which spot would be the most shaded, flat and closely located to the restroom? From pictures and map, I was leaning towards 12 but wanted to see what your professional opinion was.

    • Hi James,
      Your list includes many of our favorite campsites (in entire campground): 12, 40, 46, 48, 49, 76, 77, 85 and 91. Of your list, sites 76, 77 and 91 are probably closest to a restroom. I’d say the most shaded (throughout the day) are 12, 40, 48, 77, 91. And the most level are probably 12, 40, 49 and 91. I think #12 would be at the top of the list. Hope this helps some!

  35. Francesca says:

    Wanted to know if use of the bear boxes is necessary? Also, are the showers going to be available.

  36. This was our first time camping in ages. We were at #69. It was one of the few sites left when we made reservations. It was not on the best campgrounds list it was perfect for our family however. I liked how private it was. Even though I could see the bathroom from the site, when I went to the bathroom I couldn’t really see my campsite when I loose towards the campsite. It was also nice and close to the trash bin. I liked the bear box. My cooler fit inside. I liked how pretty and green it was.
    We don’t camp often but we will make reservations early next time and stay a bit longer. In addition the prince was right and the wood they sold at the campground was essentially the same price as in town.

  37. I have a reservation for July 9/21 will the showers be open and also what activities are available like swimming and fishing thank you first time coming to dogwood

    • Hi Lupe,
      You’ll really like Dogwood Campground and the surrounding area! We do not have a CampsitePhotos.com employee on site at Dogwood campground, but I do believe the showers are open. You can call the campground to confirm at 909-336-6717.

      Outdoor recreation in the area includes hiking, mountain biking, picnicking and wildlife viewing. Boating and fishing are also available within 10 miles from the campground at Lake Gregory and Grassy Valley Lake. The Village of Lake Arrowhead is nearby and is also fun to visit.

  38. We will have 2 vehicles on site 89 and 2 additional vehicles. Do we need to pre-pay for the 2 additional cars? Or do we pay upon arrival? How far is off site parking? Are wasps etc still a problem this year? We arrive 7/29. Is there regular power to charge an iPhone? Thank you

    • Hi JD,
      You’ll pay for your additional vehicles upon arrival. Overflow parking is located near the entrance of Dogwood Campground.
      Have fun!

      • There is a reply posted on JUN 8 2021 AT 8:46 AM to a different question, that states there is no overflow parking at Dogwood campground. Which is it that is true? Is there overflow parking or no overflow parking? Thanks.

      • Hi Michael,
        Originally we thought there was not any overflow parking. However we spoke with Camp Host and he said there are a few spots close to entrance.

  39. Andy Liao says:

    Looking at the double site (#59), is it big enough for three 6-person sized tents? thanks.

    • HI Andy,
      You should be able to fit three 6-person tents, but it depends on their size (footprint). The tent camping pad area is fairly large, but it would be tight with three big tents there. You can have up to 4 vehicles and 16 people in campsite #59.

  40. Peter Hsu says:

    Hi, we booked site #65 for end of September, 2021. We have 16 people total. Wondering if this site is flat? And if there will be wasp problems around that time? Is this site big enough for 5 tents? THanks!

    • Hi Peter,
      Dogwood campsite #65 is a handicap (ADA) double campsite that can fit up to 16 people and 4 vehicles. Check in is 2pm and check out is 12pm. The site is nice and flat. Not sure what size your 5 tents are, but there should be room for at least 3-4 tents that are 8×10 feet and you should be able to fit a few other smaller tents. Not sure about the wasp situation, but you can always try and call up there to check: 909-336-6717

  41. Erika Cornell says:

    Hello we are going to be staying in #27 and was wondering how the location is in terms of any slopes or trees? We are coming with a toy hauler.

  42. Marc Johnson says:

    I have a reservation for this weekend (08/27 – 08/29) at site #81. Is this site relatively flat or more on the hilly side? Also has there been any recent bear activity in the campground?

    • Hi Marc,
      The parking area for campsite #81 is relatively flat. You do have to walk down to the table/fire ring area. The table/fire ring and tent pad area are flat. We have not heard about bear activity in the area lately. You may try calling the campground to double check at: 909-336-6717

  43. Can you possible tell me if #66 is a ‘flat’ site?

  44. Hi,
    We would like to reserve site 43 and 44 for 4 families which is a total of 8 adults and 6 kids. My concern is will our tent fit if we have 2 eight person tent and 2 four person tent. Also is the site on a slope? Thank you.


    • Hi Cloudy,
      Both campsites can have up to 1 vehicle and 8 people per site. Both also have large/level tent camping areas. I don’t know the size of your 8-person tents, but they (one per site) should fit fine, as well as one additional 4-person tent per site. Have fun up in the mountains!

  45. Christine says:

    Hello! I’m looking at site #51 – do you know if this is a nicely shaded campsite? (Shaded enough to not have to bring a pop up tent?) Also, do you happen to know if the parking spot is level? Thank you 🙂

  46. Christine says:

    Apologies for the double comment – I’m going between site 51 and 88 (taking into consideration shade, privacy, and level parking spot). What would you recommend? Thanks again 🙂

    • Hello Christine,
      Campsite #51 is one of our favorites in the campground. It’s large (camping area), private and level. The parking spur is level, and you have some nice shady areas to pitch a tent. Campsite #88 isn’t too bad – with some good (shady) areas to pitch tents. The parking surface is relatively level, but you have a drop down to the table/fire ring and camping areas. I’d lean toward #51. Hope this helps.

  47. Hi
    Can you give me any info on campsite 58
    We have 7 people and 2 babies
    With 3 cars
    Can this site accommodate that?
    Also is this site any good?

  48. I have a reservation for a few days. We are a group of 8, one of my family members has to leave early. I know that I am allowed 2 vehicles, but is there anywhere we can park 1 more, so a total of 3 cars, so that person can leave and not strand anyone there? TIA

    • Hi Maria,
      Dogwood Campground has some overflow parking near the entrance to the campground. Not sure if camp host will allow 3 cars your campsite though (probably not).

  49. Lisa Ornelas says:

    Can you park overnight in the overflow parking. We have site 31

  50. If we have unexpected people joining from out of town can we pay a fee for them to stay at the site?

    • Hi Diane,
      All of the Dogwood campsites have a 2 vehicle / 8 person capacity. There is some overflow parking for extra vehicles over by the entrance/station. You may need to pay for an extra vehicle charge, but don’t have to pay for an extra person charge (if you have 8 or fewer in the campsite).

  51. Hello, I have an October reservation in space #21, with an SUV and teardrop trailer. The photos I have seen of this space does not look like it has a vehicle pad, will I fit?

    • Hi Matt, Yes – campsite #21 has a parking spur. It is along side the posts next to the campsite. The length is 42 feet long and is okay for a vehicle up to 40 feet.

  52. Matt Bagne says:

    I have one additional question: Are wood fires now permitted in the provided campsite fire ring?

  53. J. Blair says:

    Beautiful and private campsite, loved it!! We are trying to get a pop up food prep net though for over the table since we were surrounded by wasps while cooking and eating. I remember that the tables were long, does anyone know how many feet they are in length? Thanks!

  54. Hello I reserved campsite #38 for a few days around 4th of July 2023, does the site have shade throughout the day? And also are there alot of bees/yellow jackets in that area usually in the summer?
    Also is the site on level ground?

    • Hi Edward,
      Campsite #38 is fairly level – parking spur and table/camping area. It’s also a fairly open site and is more sunny than shady during the day. May want to bring a shade canopy. Not sure about the bees/yellow jackets during the summer. I have not heard they’ve been a problem in the past. Maybe someone else can comment about them. Have a fun 4th of July up there!

      • Edward D. says:

        Actually i’m thinking of switching sites instead what can you say of #72, 75, 78, 79…which would be the best in your opinion as far as space, shade, privacy?

  55. Edward D. says:

    Oh and also site #8 sorry

  56. Edward D. says:

    So I reserved campsite #8, is there going to be problem with finding flat surfaces here to pitch a tent? how is the privacy and spacing between sites here?

    • Hi Edward,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Campsite #8 is your best option among the ones you listed. Campsite #72 and #75 would have decent shade. Sites #78 and #79 are more exposed (sunny). Site #78 had the flatest area for pitching a tent. Campsite #8 has some good shade and a few flat areas for tents. It is also a fairly large campsite with nobody beyond you and sites #7 and #9 far enough away so that you have some nice privacy.

  57. David W. says:

    Good Morning! I am looking to book a campsite for my kids and I this August, but I have read several comments about wasps/yellow jackets. Is this still a real problem and is it all throughout the campground? Thanks!!!

    • Hi David,
      There are wasps and yellow jackets at Dogwood Campground during the summer (August). Late summer and early fall is when they’re most active in the area and mostly during the day.

    • Hi David,
      There are wasps and yellow jackets at Dogwood Campground during the summer (August). Late summer and early fall is when they’re most active in the area and mostly during the day. Not sure of the severity of the problem but they are throughout the campground (especially around any food or trash).

  58. Katie S. says:

    Hello! I was looking into booking sites #76 and #78. We will be four families with kids. I was wondering if these would be good to book together? Would they be close together enough for us to be able to hang out all together? The double sites are all booked for the dates we want so we need to book 2 separate single sites. Thanks!

    • Hi Katie,
      Campsites 76 and 78 are both nice – large, spreadout and relatively flat. They are also next to each other (with about 70 feet in between). You can walk between sites and hangout. I think they would be a good solution for your group.

  59. I have a reservation June 13th through the 16th. I know last year the showers were closed due to the drought. Are they currently open with any plans to close? Thanks!

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Not sure if they have the showers open but should given the amount of snow/rain they had this year. You could try calling the campground directly to confirm ( 909-336-6717 ), or maybe someone can comment/confirm.

  60. Hi! I made reservation sites #75 and #77. We will be four families with kids. I was wondering if these sites would be good choice? Would they be close together enough for us to be able to hang out all together? I read some comment about #77 is really big and privacy site..:( totally opposite way haha. I wish I could one of double sites but they already all gone. Thanks!


    • Hi Tae,
      Both campsites 75 and 77 are large and you’ll be able to walk in between sites/hang out together. I’d say site #77 is a little more level (camping areas). Both are fairly private too. Remember each site has a 8 person / 2 vehicle capacity. Have fun up at Dogwood!

  61. I’m looking at sites #90 and #77. Which would you say is the better location. Looking for something that is flatter with good privacy.

  62. Hi!

    I have 2 sites booked for July but I’m a bit worried about the allowed number of cars per site. On your site you say every single spot has max 8 people and 2 cars but one of the site I booked says only 1 car allowed… If the 2nd car pay the $8 additional is this spot allow 2 cars? Thank you…

  63. Looking at site 46, can’t tell if the paved driveway is flat or on an incline. I have a camper van.

  64. we just booked site 21 since it was one of the last available for our size RV. Once we completed the booking, a note came up and said, “severe driveway grade”. What exactly does that entail?
    A bit disappointed that this was not disclosed prior to booking and paying for this site.

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Take the Family on a Perfect Road Trip!

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