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Hume Lake Campground Sequoia National Forest California

Hume Lake Overview

Hume Lake 064

Hume Lake Campground is located within Giant Sequoia National Monument and just a short walk to Hume Lake. The campground has 74 campsites for tents, trailers and RVs set among a forest of tall conifers. It is usually open mid May to mid September.

Campground amenities include drinking water and flush toilets. Each campsite has a table, fire ring, grate and food storage locker.  Sites can accommodate RVs from 20 to 36 feet. Six (6) people and 2 vehicles are allowed per site (4 for the double campsites), but your reservation only pays for one.  There is an extra nightly charge for the 2nd vehicle. Check in is 2pm and check out is 12pm.

There is also a small grocery store and gas station is within a half mile of the campground. You can also rent non-motorized boats here.

Hume Lake – Area Recreation

Outdoor recreation include canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, wildlife viewing. Although the campground is closed in the winter, you can also enjoy winter sports such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Princess campground is also nearby. It’s just 4 miles away and has 88 campsites available.

Make a Reservation for Hume Lake

  • BBQ Grills
  • Boat Launch/Ramp
  • Boat Ramp
  • Boat Rental
  • Campground Host
  • Campsite Tables
  • Cell Service - None
  • Drinking Water
  • Equestrian trail
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Firewood Available
  • Food Storage Locker
  • Grills
  • Grocery Store
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Rentals
  • Restrooms (Flush Toilets, Vault Toilets)
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Boating (non motorized)
  • Canoeing
  • Climbing
  • Creek
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Historic Sites
  • Horseback riding
  • Kayaking
  • Lake
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • OTV Trails/Riding
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Stargazing
  • Swimming
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Winter Sports
  • Winter/Snow Sports
35860 East Kings Canyon Road
Hume, California 93628
559 335-2232
Lat / Long:

36.79472, -118.90472

Campground Map
Make a Reservation

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Best Campsites

19, 29, 34, 64, 67

Campsite Types
  • ADA
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer
# of Campsites:


Campsite Vehicle Size:

20 to 36 feet.


Mid May – Mid September



Hume Lake Photos & Video

Hume Lake 001
Hume Lake 002
Hume Lake 003
Hume Lake 004
Hume Lake 005
Hume Lake 006
Hume Lake 007
Hume Lake 008
Hume Lake 009
Hume Lake 010
Hume Lake 011
Hume Lake 012
Hume Lake 013
Hume Lake 014
Hume Lake 015
Hume Lake 016
Hume Lake 017
Hume Lake 018
Hume Lake 019
Hume Lake 020
Hume Lake 021
Hume Lake 022
Hume Lake 023
Hume Lake 024
Hume Lake 025
Hume Lake 026
Hume Lake 027
Hume Lake 028
Hume Lake 029
Hume Lake 030
Hume Lake 031
Hume Lake 032
Hume Lake 033
Hume Lake 034
Hume Lake 035
Hume Lake 036
Hume Lake 037
Hume Lake 038
Hume Lake 039
Hume Lake 040
Hume Lake 041
Hume Lake 042
Hume Lake 043
Hume Lake 044
Hume Lake 045
Hume Lake 046
Hume Lake 047
Hume Lake 048
Hume Lake 049
Hume Lake 050
Hume Lake 051
Hume Lake 052
Hume Lake 053
Hume Lake 054
Hume Lake 055
Hume Lake 056
Hume Lake 057
Hume Lake 058
Hume Lake 059
Hume Lake 060
Hume Lake 061
Hume Lake 062
Hume Lake 063
Hume Lake 064
Hume Lake 065
Hume Lake 066
Hume Lake 067
Hume Lake 068
Hume Lake 069
Hume Lake 070
Hume Lake 071
Hume Lake 072
Hume Lake 073
Hume Lake 074
Hume Lake 1
Hume Lake 2
Hume Lake Sign
= Our Favorite Campsites

Hume Lake Comments & Reviews

Visited Hume Lake Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Hume Lake?

67 Comments on “Hume Lake”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Just returned home from camping at Hume Lake! Awesome experience!!! Clean campgrounds, friendly staff, beautiful lake…can’t say enough!! Wish we were still there! Definitely going back!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Just returned home from camping at Hume Lake!!! Awesome experience!!! Clean campground, friendly staff, beautiful lake..can’t say enough!! Wish we were still there! Definitely going back!!

  2. Brent Wimmer says:

    How many people are allowed per camp site? How many vehicles?

    • Hi Brent,
      At Hume Lake campground you can park two vehicles per site, but your reservation only pays for one. The extra vehicle is $5 per night. Up to 8 people are allowed per campsite.

  3. How many tents are allowed on a single camp site?

    • Hi Bob,
      Hume Lake campsites can accommodate 2 vehicles and 6 people. You can have as many tents per site as you can fit within your campsite boundaries.

  4. Are there showers at the campsites? Thanks!

    • Hi Dee,
      There are no showers at Hume Lake campground.

      • Are there any nearby showers outside of the campground that we can go to? If so, where? Thanks!

      • Hi Jen,
        There are not any showers at or nearby Hume Lake Campground. Probably the closest is at Lodgepole in Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP (about 33 miles). Stony Creek Lodge may also showers (for a fee). It’s a little closer (about 19 miles away).

  5. Does each campsite have a bear-proof storage locker?

  6. Can we sleep in the car in the camp grounds?

  7. Hi Camp Ranger,
    Is campsite #11 at Hume Lake reservable? I received a confirmation email from recreation.gov (with payment processed), however, the email includes a Campsite Notice that states “this is a non-reservable site” Hoping to confirm before driving out there next week.

    • Hi Will,
      That’s strange. I just double checked Hume Lake campgrounds – site #11 – and it is reservable online. I recommend shooting them a message on their contact page to confirm, but I don’t think there will be an issue.

  8. What if we have a third car? Is there a place to park it close by or in the campground? Even paying a fee is understandable acceptable… Thank you.

    • Hi Dave,
      I’m not aware of any overflow parking area at Hume Lake campground. And they are pretty strict about just having 2 vehicles per site (single family campsites) and 4 vehicles per site (for double sites).

  9. How many first come first serve sites are there at Hume lake? Thank you. I tried to look on the web site but cannot seem to find that info…

  10. María Martínez says:

    This the first time that I’m going to visit this camping and will like to know how big can the tent be
    Thanks Maria Martinez

    • Hi Maria,
      You’re going to love camping at Hume Lake campground. Most of the campsites are quite large and can accommodate tents that are 10×12 or even a little larger. Which campsite did you reserve and I can double check.

  11. Leticia Garcia says:

    I love Hume Lake! I usually only camp alone or with one other person, but this time I’m camping with my quarantine group of six people. However, due to work schedules we will not be able to arrive in only two cars. Is there a place nearby where we could park a third vehicle for a fee since it appears that only two vehicles are allowed per individual site? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Leticia,
      Hume Lake campground doesn’t have any overflow parking. You can park two vehicles per site, and if room – the camp host may allow 3 (for an extra fee).

  12. Where do we check in? I reserved from that reservation site and there is no where that said about cars and when I finished my reservation it says tents 0 even though I clicked yes on tent and on the car section says 0.. will there be any problems with that you know?

    • Hi Miriam,
      Even though your Recreation.gov reservation had 0 tents and 0 vehicles, you’ll be okay. Many people forget to indicate the # of tents/vehicles. Campsites at Hume Lake generally allow up to 2 vehicles and 6 to 8 people. You can fit as many tents as you have within your campsite area. Check in is 12pm and check out is 2pm. A camp host will visit your site to check you in, or you can check in with the camp host first.

  13. kim bland says:

    Can you please tell me if the Hume Campground has a dump and fill station and if not is there one near by?

    • Hi Kim,
      Hume Lake does not have a dump station. The closest RV/dump stations are at Canyon View Campground (Kings Canyon National Park and Moraine Campground (also in Kings Canyon NP).

  14. Krystle W. says:

    What is the fee for adjusting reservations to another date? Do we lose the $8 deposit fee or is it transferable? All this information is not found on the website and no one is answering the phone. Thank you so much.

  15. Krystle W. says:

    Is check-IN at 12pm or 2pm? Is check-OUT 12pm or 2pm? There is mixed information. Thank you.

  16. Does every campsite have a fire pit? There are a few campsite photos where I’m unable to see if a fire pit is included. Would appreciate the clarification, thank you.

  17. Hey there! We just reserved Site 64 for May 17th-20th and were given notice there was no running water. Will the toilets still flush? I’m ok with bringing water for campsite.

    • Hi Bill,
      They will definitely have toilets working at Hume Lake (flush or vault). I’m not sure if the “temporary water outage” affects the flush toilets, but it may. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone from CampsitePhotos.com on site to confirm.

    • Bill, any updates about the campground and the water outage?

  18. Single campsite allows 6 people, does that include children below 2 years as well? We are 2 couples with 3 children.

  19. Do we have to be at the campgrounds at a certain time to check in? We may be showing up later at night than we anticipated.

    • Hi Austin,
      The check in for Hume Lake is 2pm and check out is 12pm. You can arrive anytime during the night to claim your campsite. The camp host may reassign if you don’t arrive by 8am the following day of your arrival date.

  20. I have reservations for 3 different campsites for 31May – 4June. Is there any way to consolidate them to one site for tent camping?

    • Hi Cathy, You can always cancel your two other sites on Rec.gov, if that’s what you mean. Otherwise you’ll need to abide by the # of people and # of vehicles allowed per site. That varies per campsite and you can confirm at Rec.gov.

  21. I was advised to bring all water necessary for drinking, cooking… due to the water shortage. Is there enough water in the lake for me to carry it to my campsite & use my water purification system (Sawyer Squeeze)?

  22. Midori Torres says:

    What is the latest time you can arrive at your campsite for check in? I read a Yelp comment saying they weren’t allowed to check in when they got there at 9pm and I’m worried about it since we were tryna arrive to hume lake around 8pm

    • Hi Midori,
      Hume Lake campground check in is 2pm and check out is 12pm. I have not heard that 8pm is the latest you can check in. Generally they hold your spot until 6am the next morning (after arrival, but it’s always best to try and arrive before midnight. If you occupy your site by 12pm, you’ll be fine. The camp host/ranger will then swing by in the morning to confirm your check in.

  23. Mike Paschall says:

    Is the cell service in the area and is there a public phone to use.

    • Hi Mike,
      Very few areas of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have cell phone service. You may get service in some spots in the parks depending on your carrier, but you should not count on it. Hume Lake area does not have reliable cell service/coverage. There is public phone at the Hume Lake gas station/store.

  24. Armando Sanchez says:

    I had a change in plans is any one will to switch two sites? I have 3 sites from August 20, 2021 to Check out August 22, 2021.
    I am looking for 1 or 2 sites, coming in on August 13, 2021 and leaving on August 15th, 2021. Please let me know if anyone is interested in trading days, please let me know.

  25. Are fires allowed in fire pits, this year?

  26. Our small group of 4 has site 21 reserved mid July and we need to arrive with one tent trailer and 2 cars. Will 3 vehicles fit on this site? if not is there overflow parking available?

    • Hi Peggy,
      Hume Lake Campground does not have overflow parking. Campsite #21 can accommodate up to 2 vehicles and 8 people. The pad length is 35 feet. With that said, the final call would come from the camp host/ranger if they would allow a third vehicle but usually not.

  27. Hello, which campsites are directly in view of the lake? I’m not sure if the best campsites listed are due to its closeness to the toilet or water. I’m looking for a site that’s a bit more secluded than the rest and front view of the lake. Thanks!

    • Hi Steph,
      As far as lake views, most of the Hume Lake campsites don’t have much (if any) views of the water. Your best bet would be campsites 64, 65, 67 and 68.
      FYI – we try and pick our favorite campsites based on location, view, size and privacy (generally away from restrooms, trails, etc.). Our favorite Hume Lake campsites are 19, 29, 34, 64 and 67.

  28. Hello, which site is the most secluded and which one is most in view/closest to the lake? I’m not sure if the best sites listed is based on its closeness to the toilet/water or its privacy. Thanks!

  29. Is there parking for additional vehicles other than the 2 per site?

  30. I love this place. Do you know what time of day the next day of reservations is released? I have checked at 12am and they are not released yet. They are being released one day at a time. Please let me know.


    • Hi Jeremy,
      Yes, Hume Lake is a magical place!
      Campsite reservations are released 6 months prior to your planned arrival. For example:
      On November 25, 2021 at 07:00 am PST, availability will be released through May 25, 2022.
      Remember if the campground is sold out on the dates you want to stay, you can use our Campsite Assist tool and get alerts if a campsite becomes available.

  31. Hello,

    Are they flexible with the number of people? We are able to only reserve 2 campsites, #71 and 73 and we are like 22 people.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Basit,
      Campsites #71 and #73 are both designated to have up to 6 people and 1 vehicle per site. Sometimes the park host/ranger may give you a pass if you are 1-2 people over per site (especially if children), but I doubt they will let you have 10-11 people per campsite.

  32. Jennifer says:

    We’re pulling our RV trailer with a truck. Does that count as 1 vehicle (the trailer and truck) and can we have a 2nd car?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Your truck and trailer = 2 vehicles. Six (6) people and 2 vehicles are allowed per site (12 people and 4 for the double campsites), but your reservation only pays for one vehicle. There is an extra nightly charge for the 2nd vehicle.

  33. Matt Evans says:

    Can you tell me anything about Site #17? The notes online say it’s uneven for tents.

    • Hi Matt,
      Can’t add too much, the the parking spur definite is sloped and not very even/flat. The tent camping area has a slight slope as well, but not too bad. Not sure if there are any ruts or bumps though. In the picture it looks pretty good.

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