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CampsitePhotos Blog

Camping Guides & Tips


Fireworks are simple and fun to to capture on your camera. The best part is just being there and having a good time. But if you want to bring those memories home with you, here is how I do it. A tripod is a must unless you can remain perfectly still for two seconds. And […]

Flowing Water

So you have found a nice waterfall or river and you want your photos to look a bit more “artsy” than usual. The trick is a slower shutter speed. You want to show some movement not a static frozen image. Below is a standard auto program photo of Madison Falls in Olympic National Park from June 2012. […]


Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you have to put your camera away. Moonlight photos can be done quite easily with the right equipment. I am not talking about pictures of the moon showing details, but using the sunlight reflecting off the moon as a light source. You will need a tripod […]

HDR Photography

Recently Kimberly Shawn Reeves asked us a great question on our facebook page: Your images are really cool! They look like you have increased the ISO to give a grainy appearance which is really nice. But there is something else that you’ve done that I can’t identify. Almost makes them look like a cross between […]