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How To Find A 4-Leaf Clover

If you ever wanted to have luck beyond your wildest imagination, then you need to know how to find a 4-leaf clover!
Fortunately, we’ve spoken to countless 4-leaf clover finder experts and they’ve agreed to share their secrets.

How to find a 4 leaf clover

Leprechauns and other people say that the chance of finding a 4-leaf clover is about one in 10,004.  They are quite rare in nature, with the four leaves representing hope, faith, love and luck. Keep that in mind (if you don’t find one), because 3 out of 4 leaves isn’t too bad.

In the spirit of full-transparency, the images in this article are for demonstration purposes only. The “clovers” in the pictures aren’t exactly clovers. They pretty much look just like a clover, but are actually Redwood Sorrel found in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

How to find a 4 leaf clover - View

Alrighty then, let’s dig into exactly how to find a 4-leaf clover:

1.     Block out a good amount of time because you’re probably going to have to look at a minimum of 10,003 clovers.

2.     Make sure you’re able to distinguish between a stick, weed, fern, flower or redwood tree.

How to find a 4 leaf clover
3.     Try and stay on the trail when looking so you don’t accidentally step on a 4-leaf clover. That’s extremely bad luck.

How to find a 4 leaf clover-Trail
4.     Also “Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.” You don’t want to run into a Werewolf. That’s bad luck too.

5.     Search low, not high. Clovers grow low to the ground (no more than 6 inches). Redwood trees are really really tall.

How To Find A 4-Leaf Clover - Tall Redwoods
6.     If you see one with 4-leaves, you’ve found a 4-leaf clover.

By the way, the leaves of the redwood sorrel (Oxalis orgena) are edible. They have a delightful sour, tangy taste. Just don’t eat a 4-leaf one. That’s bad luck.

How To Find A 4-Leaf Clover

Best of luck and let us know if you find a 4-leaf clover!

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