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CampsitePhotos Blog

Camping News

Kens Lake and Sand Island Campgrounds

Summer of Campgrounds keeps it moving this week with two more campgrounds in Utah, Ken’s Lake Campground and Sand Island Campground. Both campgrounds are located in close proximity to lakes and rivers, making fishing, rafting, hiking, horseback riding, and enjoying the beautiful Utah scenery popular activities. Take a look! Happy Camping!

Hal Canyon and Granstaff Campgrounds

This week, Summer of Campgrounds showcases two small campgrounds located right along the scenic banks of the Colorado River in Utah. Hal Canyon Campground, and Granstaff Campground. Both are easy to access, and put campers within striking distance of some of the area’s most beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails. Take a look! Happy Camping!

Boulder Basin, Bridger Bay and White Rock Group Campgrounds

This week, Summer of Campgrounds presents three campgrounds for the more experienced camper. Boulder Basin Campground, located in the San Bernardino Nation Forest, is a campground for hikers, mountain bikers, bouldering enthusiasts, and anyone looking for quiet and solitude. It’s a bit of a challenge getting there, campground roads and spurs are not paved, no […]

Big Bend and Goose Island Campgrounds

This week – we’ve added two incredibly beautiful campgrounds in Utah. Both situated along the picturesque Colorado River, Big Bend Campground offers views of spectacular red rock cliffs amidst a green ribbon of vegetation, while Goose Island Campground has been listed as one of the top 100 campgrounds in Utah. Take a look! Happy Camping!

Upper Tonto Creek and Canyon Point Campgrounds

Summer of Campgrounds is in full swing! We just added two more campgrounds in Arizona, Canyon Point Campground and Upper Tonto Creek Campground. Canyon Point Campground is large, and offers many amenities, while Upper Tonto Creek Campground is much smaller, offering only the basic necessities. Take a look! Happy Camping!

Christopher Creek and Ponderosa Campgrounds

We hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Hopefully you had the chance to spend some time outdoors, enjoying family and friends. To start off our Summer of Campgrounds event, we have added 2 more campgrounds in Arizona, Christopher Creek Campground and Ponderosa Campground. Take a look! Also, as a reminder, today is […]

Summer of Campgrounds Kick-off!

Campsitephotos.com will be very busy this summer, adding 2 campgrounds every week, sometimes more, each with photos, guides, and lots more! To kick off our Summer of Campgrounds event, we’ve recently added Houston Mesa Campground in Arizona, Kodachcrome Basin Campground in Utah, and Arch Rock Campground and Atlatl Rock Campground in the Valley of Fire […]