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Participate in our Facebook poll about reserving a campsite using ReserveCalifornia.

We have a poll up on the CampsitePhotos Facebook page regarding whether you’ve been successful at getting campsite reservations with ReserveCalifornia.  Please check it out HERE and cast your vote.  The poll ends February 27. Thank you!

2 Replies to “Participate in our Facebook poll about reserving a campsite using ReserveCalifornia.”

  1. This is the worst change I have even seen. It is so unfair. The majority of the sites are already booked before your starting date arrives. At least the old way everyone had a fair shot. Now you don’t stand a chance. This includes handicap spots. Our family has been camping at South Carlsbad State Beach for over 25 years. Sadly this year only 3 members got sites. This is not enough for all of us. We generally have approximately 50-60 people every year. My family is very sad we won’t be able to participate this year because we did not get a spot. We tried every day for a week and a half.

    • Hi Cindy,
      So sorry your family wasn’t able to get all the spots you needed at South Carlsbad SB this year. Seems like most people are having problems with ReserveCalifornia. If you get a minute, you can cast your vote on a poll we have regarding ReserveCalifornia HERE:

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